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Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson currently causing mayhem in Vancouver, BC, by dabbling in any art form he can get his creative hands on.

He graduated a theatre major with double honours in fine arts, so he knows a bit about this art stuff your parents don’t approve of.

He refuses to be censored, or keep his digital brushes clean, by creating commentary on society or mental health issues. Don’t necessarily be fooled by his happy-ball-of-sunshine demeanour because he’s willing to go the distance for causes that are important to him. And that’s art baby. 

Religiously inspired by anime aesthetic his atheist soul produces cheeky graphic designs for your viewing pleasure. 


Partial proceeds from Nathan’s design will be donated to the Hogan’s Alley Society. 

The Hogan’s Alley Society advocates for Black Vancouverites who have endured the legacies of urban renewal and works to ensure their voices are part of the conversation for future community building.

Click here to vist the Hogan's Alley Socity website.

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